Monday, March 06, 2006

Jack’s Outback Rendezous #1 Jack’s Outback Rendezous #1

One of the most fun places to visit in Cambridge, NY, is Jack’s Outback, located at 30 West Main Street. It is a shop full of wondrous treasures from days gone by, and its proprietor is one of the nicest guys you ever want to meet. Jack Metzger has run his antiques and collectibles shop in Cambridge since 1992.

Jack’s Outback is not just another antiques shop; it is a journey into the area’s past with Jack being your skillful guide and passionate storyteller. Leaving Jack’s Outback with a piece of the past gives you much more than a unique item to grace your home; you get also a deeper understanding of our ancestry in a wonderfully human and dignified way.
Call Jack at 518-677-2929, visit the shop and experience for yourself the magic at Jack’s Outback.

Jack’s Outback is going to be a feature of Cambridge Buzz, with weekly postings of interesting artifacts found in his store and information about them. Every once in a while we will have an item that even Jack can’t figure out what it is or how it was used. We will elicit your help in uncovering the mystery!

Oak Box- turn of the century oak box with brass hinges and mint condition color litho of the Rice Seed Company, located here in Cambridge, NY. Jack says this is an important example of a pioneering lithographic technique! There are more artifacts from the Rice Seed Company at the Rice Mansion Inn for the interested antique hunter.


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