Thursday, June 08, 2006

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Old Turkey Farm Pond

September 22, 2004, late Summer at one of my most favorite places to photograph. I have caught some awesome shots at this simple, picturesque little pond. This day was to be no exception as the golden sunlight lit the roadway, trees and buildings just before falling behind the mountains. The tree you see hanging over the pond was a once magnificent weeping willow which has been in it’s death throes for some time now. I’ve been shooting it for several years as it has slowly bent towards the waters, shedding its lacy boughs from season to season like a slow motion Arabian dancer slowly removing her veils.

Sadly, it was a dance of death that ended this year...but the dance was done most beautifully and artfully, and was faithfully recorded by my lens. Now the tree lays dark and prone in the water. No one passing by would ever realize there was once an enchanted interrelation which took place there between a fading graceful tree and a captivated photographer who recognized and appreciated its beauty to the end. With the passing of the tree the whole character, color, beauty of the location has withered, lessened somehow for me. Seldom do I visit that spot any more. I do so miss that tree.

(Photo: Copyright Mohan 2004) If you would like to contact the artist and purchase one of her works, send an email to:


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