Thursday, May 03, 2007

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April 30, 2007 - The full moon was a sharp, glowing light in the sky. It was around 8:00 PM. I had been out trying to catch the sunset and was now driving down Conley Road, on my way home. It was almost dark. Coming around one of the corners I heard the sound of the plow before I saw it. There he was, on the last night of April 2007, beneath the light of the full moon, one of our stouthearted, dedicated farmers of Washington County, driving down his field, methodically turning the soil, preparing to plant his next crops for the coming year. How it thrilled me to see him working so peacefully, so methodically and unhurriedly. He seemed to be completely in his own element, not minding he was accomplishing his task in near dark by moonlight. The growing cycle of our area just captures my heart as I watch the beauty and art displayed in what our farmers do with as they work their crops in the fields. The flowing beauty of the gently curving and undulating rows of plowed earth make me feel serenity and assurance. I travel our roads and hillsides constantly seeking out these simple yet involved patterns.

Every Spring I am compelled to take to the roads and capture life rising from the soil, stretching and yawning after sleeping throughout the cold months of Winter. I am grateful to have found this gentleman of the earth accomplishing his work, at one with Nature’s and God’s purposes. This photograph has begun my journey this year into all the nooks, lanes, hillsides, farmlands, and wetlands of the Cambridge Valley and her environs. I can’t wait to discover what I will find as the Valley begins her adornment and celebration to life in all of it’s essence. -June Mohan

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