Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cambridge Life: Pets on Parade Cambridge Life: Pets on Parade

Photos by John Carlson and June Mohan

My older sister Robin leads a hectic professional life. She is committed to whatever endeavor she chooses to undertake. As a way to escape from her busy work schedule, she has joined the world of dog agility. The stars of this world are generally Border Collies, known for their smarts, high energy, herding and jumping capabilities. Most area residents are familiar with this bread because of local author Jon Katz and his amazing dogs.

But two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining my sister at a dog trial with her two English Cocker Spaniels, Cassie and Cole. We arrived at the site and set-up our tent. There were novice to expert and master handlers and dogs. These are some shots of Cassie doing her thing.

Photos courtesy of Robin Church

At a slight 18 pounds, she's small and fast. She loves to run and jump, especially when special treats are on the line. I mean, I have cats bigger than Cassie...but she's just so much fun to watch.

Cole is the resident couch potato. He'd rather snuggle-up next to you and give you love energy. But when asked, he performs like a champ. It's just amazing to see.

Photos courtesy of Robin Church

Beside my sister's Cockers, I saw Welsh Corgies; Greyhounds; Golden Retrievers; Bearded and un-bearded Collies; Australian Sheepdogs and English ones too; poodles, all three sizes; and many, many more. I mean seeing them set jumps for chihuahuas is like putting down a piece of rope and saying, "jump!" Very funny and very cute.

There is an agility training center right down the road in Greenwich, NY. If you're ever looking for a fun thing to do, go to an agility trial. It's really for the dogs!


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