Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back Home in Cambridge Back Home in Cambridge

Good day to all the readers of the Cambridge Buzz blog. I've returned home from my stint house sitting for my sister. It was a long three weeks, but Hilary has been posting amazing tidbits about our region and the various things you can do here. Thanks Hilary, could not do this without you.

So what did I return to? Before leaving, I huridly put in some vegetables and made sure the lawn and garden were in good shape. But with all the rain we've been having....

Photos by Debra Pearlman

It looks like a jungle at my house. The cats think they've arrived in heaven. Mice, voles, lots of birds and bunnies to chase. With the grass so tall, I'm thinking of seeing if a meadow would be possible. I don't hate mowing, in fact, it's sort of my summer exercise regime, but I love wild meadows.

On the other hand....

Photos by Debra Pearlman

I remembered to stake the peonies before going away, but they are just too darn heavy. My house smells great from all the flowers I cut down. Now if I can just get those darn cats to do some weeding.

How's your garden doing this year?

Cambridge Life is easing into summer.... Farmer's Markets are in full swing, the river is running full tilt, and the hiking is great. Come join us and see why Grandma Moses loved this area so much!

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