Thursday, October 08, 2009

Peak Colors and Tasty Spuds! Peak Colors and Tasty Spuds!

This is the weekend for fall colors. On Wednesday I hiked into base of Crane Mountain in the Adirondacks. The colors were breathtakingly beautiful. I don't remember a fall with such vibrant reds, yellows, golds, and oranges. But fall isn't the only thing happening here in Cambridge, NY.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11th is the 2nd Annual Freight Yard Potato Festival. I know that it's apple season so why the potato? Well here is some trivia for you: New York is ranked 12th in the USA for potato production. We produce 1.7% of the tasty spuds on 27,600 acres. In fact, potatoes were helped the Rice Seed Company establish itself as a premire seed source in the early 20th century.

In honor of Mr. Rice Potato, the Cambridge Freight Yard will be smashed, mashed, fried and baked in celebration of the Potato. Fun begins at 11:30 with the Potato Olympics, Potato Art, Potato Science (did you know that a potato can illuminate a light bulb?), Potato Storytelling Poetry, and of course, eating.

The Bread Oven Crew will fire things up to make delicious treats and just in time for dinner, baking potatoes from Double K Farm. Add your favorite topping (chili, broccoli (from Stanard Farm) and cheese. Traditional sour cream, bacon and chive are also available -- ALL FREE OF CHARGE!

We'll also have a potato swap. Yup, locally grown and ready for your larder. You'll find all sorts of potatoes with infomation on the soil and growing condition and if it's a starchy, waxy or fingerling spud.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE.... Locals know that the King's donut cart produces the best pastry delights. To honor the potato, they will be offering, free of charge, their famous Maple Glazed Potato Donuts. Super delicious does not even come close to the taste and texture of this specialty treat.

The Cambridge Farmers' Market will be a place to find other veggies and ideas for cooking your potatoes. Believe it or not, the potato is the fourth biggest food crop in the world, only maize, wheat and rice are bigger. Potatoes have been grown for more than 8,000 years and were a "New" world crop that was brought back to Europe (no the Irish did not invent the potato they just figured out some really tasty things to do with it). The Cambridge Freight Yard used to ship locally grown potatoes to points south. You can see a display on the local history of potatoes and the iportance on the regions economy in the LoveJoy Building.

Worried about rain...don't be. In case of inclement weather, the festival will be held indoors at the Historic Cambridge Freight Yard.

Fall image provided by June Mohan. Visit June's Gallery at the corner of Route 22 and Main Street in Cambridge, NY.

Mr.Rice Potato image provided by the Rice Mansion Inn. Visit their website to book a weekend retreat, special event, or corporate get-away.


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