Wednesday, March 08, 2006

About Treasures of Cambridge About Treasures of Cambridge

New to this Blog is an art project, entitled, “Treasures of Cambridge”. The idea is to photograph all Cambridge, NY area residences wearing and/or holding something they feel defines their essence. Thanks to resident Bill Creitz, the photographs will be taken in front of the beautiful bank vault in the former Bean Heads Coffee House (a fitting place to show off the real treasures of Cambridge, NY!).

I realized what makes Cambridge a remarkable place is its people. I believe each and every person is a treasure, and together our individual stories make the place we live interesting and rich. This project is a way to celebrate the community and help foster community awareness and pride.

Along with a weekly posting of these photographs on this blog, I am recording a short audio clip of each person and hope to link it to the photograph on a future website about Cambridge, NY, called Cambridge Buzz (under construction). I also want to have a show of photographs someday where people can meet one another, mingle, and share their uniqueness with their neighbors.

This has been a very fun project for everyone who has participated so far. Cambridge, NY area residents interested in being included in this project should email me at, to arrange a time to be photographed. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Blogger cci said...

Having the Hotel open agin is refreshing. It is such a big part of Cambridge and having its doors open, hearing laughter, singing and friends metting is so fantastic. The food is awesome. What a beautiful place, we are so happy that she's back.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is my only way to find my friend in Cambridge, Tera Harrington,please e-mail me I am Phillip PLEASE HELP!!

1:10 AM  

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