Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Photographer's Log Photographer's Log

SHUTTER’S CLICK-This photograph was taken on the bank of the Hoosick River on
January 26, 2004. It wasn’t necessary to go out in search of this beautiful scene that day. All I did was look out my office window across the Hoosick River to the opposite bank. Recognizing the movement of deer I quickly grabbed my camera and eased open the window. The morning light was perfect on the new snow and I waited for the deer to emerge from the tree cover. In the absolute silence of that vivid moment the three deer heard my camera’s shutter clicking and began turning, searching out the source of the sound. In a moment they turned and bounded back into the brush. I managed to get a few more shots of these lovely creatures but this one of them standing magnificently out in the open sunshine on the river bank is my favorite. - June Mohan (Photograph: Copyright Mohan 2004)


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