Monday, April 03, 2006

Treasures of Cambridge #5 Treasures of Cambridge #5

Be a part of "Treasures of Cambridge". If you are a resident of the Cambridge, NY area, please contact me to have your portrait taken. I will be at Bean Heads Coffee House on Thursdays April 6th and 13th or schedule a time by email. Bring a prop that you identify yourself with. Check out the posting "About Cambridge Treasures" on this blog for more about the project. Or email me at

Bliss White McIntosh, sitting in front of the vault at former Bean Heads Coffee House, was born at Mary McClellan Hospital in 1963 and has always called Cambridge, NY, her home.

Bliss is a real Renaissance woman, doing many things- from hand made baskets, playing music and gardening, to being active at Cambridge Central School and our local arts organization, Hubbard Hall, to name a few. Bliss and her family live a “somewhat sustainable life,” tending a couple of cows, a big garden and having a love of doing things for themselves.

She is pictured here with a birch bark bowl she is in the process of binding with a black ash splint (all of these materials she harvests and processes herself). The basket has been sewn using spruce root in the traditional Native American style. You can see and purchase one of her beautifully and lovingly crafted baskets at the Valley Artisans Market where she is a member and shows her work. VAM is located at 25 E. Main Street, Cambridge NY 12816 518-677-2765.


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