Sunday, April 23, 2006

Treasures of Cambridge #8 Treasures of Cambridge #8

George Forss in front of the vault at former Bean Heads Coffee House, has lived in the Cambridge, NY area since 1989 when he opened a storefront Gallery (Ginafor) right here on Main Street. Living in New York City all his life, he wanted to move someplace "oppisite the city". At first he wanted to live out in the country, but found town life more reflected his style and capabilities.

He saw a Jerome Wright flyer for properties in a bank in hometown Brooklyn and got in the car and drove up here in a snowstorm! "As soon as I saw the property on Main Street, something went click in my head. I knew I was going to buy it and make Cambridge my new home".

Geroge started his professional career by selling his work on Manhattan streets, a photographer who, NYTimes reporter Margaret Loke writes, "dared the elements, critics, doubters and, occasionally, thieves. But he also knows that the street can have its rewards." George was given a lot of media attention after David Douglas Duncan, the noted war photojournalist and former Life magazine notable, "discovered" his awesome talent and helped him get his work published in a series of books. George has made some of the most memorable photographs of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers and has had his work in Europe and all over the US. Today his Main Street, Ginafor Gallery, is home for his own work and shows 44 other artists as well.

George’s props are his antique camera, he has a love of good optics and this camera gives some of the most beatiful flat field view (he had a collection of over 300 optics), and a collection of his published books.

George wants to be remembered as someone that did not "jump for the blossom", someone who did not get caught up in the rat race. He believes Cambridge is a haven for people who want to be themselves and do what they do, and not be judged or feel the need to be false.


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