Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cambridge Life 7-26-06 Cambridge Life 7-26-06

(Photo: Debra Pearlman)

July is the time the wild blueberries are ready for picking. I can go down the block to John's house and pick the best high bush blueberries by the quart, but I decided to go up to the Adirondacks and check out Anne's secret picking spot. WOW! We spent a few hours hiking up the mountain and picking as we walked, talked, and swatted the flies.

(Photos: Debra Pearlman)

Brio led the way and discovered all sorts of great spots. He ate his fair share of berries too. The Adirondacks are a little over an hour north of Cambridge, NY and make a great day trip. I'm a hiker/kayaker and I try to go to the "DAK's" as often as I can. Anne lives right on the Hudson so after our berry picking we went in for a swim to cool off and let the waters work their magic on these old bones. It was a great day!

Being close to the Adirondack Mountains is just one more thing I love about living in Cambridge, NY.


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