Friday, July 21, 2006

Cambridge, NY Life for 7-21-06 Cambridge, NY Life for 7-21-06

I'm late this week on letting you in on Life in Cambridge, NY. I apologize for the tardiness, but in my defense, it's the heat. About the only cool spot is on the Battenkill River, and these folks sure are taking advantage of that. You too can go tubing on the Battenkill River. Battenkill Riversports has tubes you can rent and campgrounds you can enjoy.

(Photo courtesy of Battenkill Riversport).

One thing I have learned about life here in Cambridge, NY is that people with pools are very generous about sharing. I've got neighbors on both sides of me who have made a point to say, come on over and take a dip...anytime you want to. It's comforting to know that I can cool off, even at 10 PM. Whether you like to swim in a pool, a lake, or a river, Cambridge, NY has all the ways to keep cool in the summer heat.


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