Saturday, September 23, 2006

Extreme Gardening #1 Extreme Gardening #1

CambridgeBuzz is pleased to welcome this new thread, thanks to Sean McEntee; certified extreme gardener always ready to hoe that tough row. It’s a wild ride, somebody's got to do it!

(Photo: c2006 John Carlson)

Extreme Gardening
By Sean McEntee, your vegetal correspondent.

Autumn’s here, let’s get started!

Exactly why is autumn like a Japanese gymnastic team? As we ponder this gardening koan many fair-weather gardeners are already going about the self-affirming, sheep like ritual of "putting the garden to bed." Yep. In gardening time it’s nearly 8:00pm, time to brush teeth, read a couple of chapters from Frog and Toad Are Friends, then tuck in and lights out until about April. Well that would be pedestrian gardening.

When the long shadows from the neighbor’s hateful trees cast their darkening pall upon my green tomatoes, and the sun is about as inspired and reliable as a teenager, THAT’S when the extreme gardener is just cracking the cover of the seed catalogs.

Anyone can scrape up a little bit of dirt and throw a few seeds in the ground and come back a few weeks later to a veritable farmer’s market of produce. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel; just ask any farmer, they’ll tell you how easy it is. Farming is a license to print money.

Extreme gardening is for people who need to level the playing field a bit in the favor of nature.

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