Monday, September 18, 2006

Treasures of Cambridge #26 Treasures of Cambridge #26

ATTENTION: Cambridge area residents.If you have not yet been photographed for this project please contact me, John Carlson at to make an appointment to meet at Beanheads!

Dale Hall pictured in front of the vault in the former Bean Head’s Coffee House was born and raised in the Cambridge, NY environs, having lived in the area for forty-three years. He grew up in Eagle Bridge, but went to school right here in Cambridge.

"In 2002, I moved to the outskirts of the village with my wife Mary, our children and our oxen." Since he was a young boy, His first memories of oxen were of a neighbor’s farm that had a pair of them, and latter on a farm in East Hoosick, NY where he managed a herd of Angus. Dale has a degree in agricultural engineering from Cobleskill.

He now enjoys having animals without the need to raise them for beef or milk. He has two red Holsteins that are both 9 years old. "It is fun to see them progress from when you first get them, when they are only 80 pounds each and don’t know anything but to eat and drink, and to work them up through now, when they are over 2,800 pounds apiece and I can put a yoke on them and hook them up to whatever I want them hooked to." Today these mighty creatures are relaxed and responsive. So much so that Dale can have people around them. He takes them to the Washington County Fair and they are one of the many wonders of the famous parades that grace our Main Street on Memorial Day, and other special occasions. "It is great to have an animal work with you and respond to you like that, although we get as much enjoyment just watching them in the pasture, doing their social things out there." These oxen can live into their twenties, and each has it’s own unique and interesting personality.

Dale loves the diversity and the peace and quiet found here in Cambridge Village, and feels it is, "a good place to raise children with a fantastic school system."

When asked how he would like to be remembered, he states, "I want to be remembered as a great husband and a great dad…and someone on the edge of town who loved to work oxen!"


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