Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cambridge, NY Life Cambridge, NY Life

The big leaf peeping holiday, Columbus Day, could not have been better in Cambridge, NY. The weather was perfect and the color display was amazing. I could not resist taking a drive. I managed to avoid the major tourist routes and found some beautiful farms. Preparing for the coming of winter is really important here.

The farm fields are covered with hay bales drying out for winter feed. I spent 4 hours raking the leaves and mulching the garden in preparation for winter's arrival. You'd never know I worked on the leaves, but the maple tree in the driveway just keeps on giving. They say we could get a light dusting later this week (at least in the mountains). But for now the days are beautifully warm and the nights perfect for sleeping. The recent Harvest moon made for some wonderful light to work by. If you get the chance to work outdoors by the light of the Harvest moon, I recommend doing so. It's truly a magical experience.

Life is good in Cambridge, NY -- now it's time to carve the pumpkin.


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