Saturday, September 30, 2006

Extreme Gardening #2 Extreme Gardening #2

(Photo: c2006 John Carlson)

Extreme Gardening
By Sean McEntee, your vegetal correspondent

Weed Control is for Weaklings

Throw away all of your gardening books. Or shred them and compost them. Extreme gardeners know you won’t find any answers in the books; you’ve got to get out there and chat with your cukes. Ask them about their day.

Most gardeners pride themselves on their high morals; condemning the relentless doping on our playing fields, yet they are free and easy with the Round up and Preen, having no scruples about giving their rider an edge by hobbling the competition.

Extreme gardeners don’t play that game. It’s a dogbane eat dogbane world out there and if your plants aren’t tough enough to duke it out with a few weeds, then how can you expect them to fend for themselves when you are too busy to water them for a few weeks?

It was molly coddling that got the Elms in Dutch with that blight.

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