Friday, October 13, 2006

Cambridge Spiritual Cambridge Spiritual

Cambridge, NY embodies a rich beauty that is evident to visitors who travel by it’s Victorian homes and bucolic landscapes. But there is much more to Cambridge than meets the eye. It is found in the Spirit, and freely expressed by congregations of people who practice their faiths here in a myriad of ways.

Cambridge Spiritual is a new thread on CambridgeBuzz that explores ways people connect with Spirit and celebrate that union for themselves and with others. It also offers a resource for visitors (and residents, alike) to find out about opportunities for worship in our area.


Located in the hills right outside of Cambridge, NY, you will find this contemplative monastic community of men and women dedicated to living the monastic life together within the tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Recently, A blessing of animals was held at New Skete in the new Meditation Garden to celebrate the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. Since the monastic communities raise German Shepherds, dogs made up the majority present for the ceremony. But there were other creatures as well ranging from horses to a Python!

A visit to New Skete gives one access to many aspects of its community life, from worship and meditation to world-class dog training and some of the best cheese cake on the planet (and beyond no doubt, considering where it is baked)!


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