Thursday, March 08, 2007

Photographer's Log Photographer's Log

Someone recently asked me for a photograph of a cardinal. I didn’t have a variety from which he could choose, but I remembered a little cardinal who seemed to have a penchant for diving out in front of my car several times while I drove down Route 22 towards Cambridge. So, I went out in search of the little guy to try to capture his image. After staking out his spot on Route 22 for 15 minutes I realized he was not to be found. Giving up in discouragement I went out to do some regular shooting with no target in mind.

Then it became a "cardinal" morning unlike any other I’d experienced before. Suddenly there were cardinals on all of the back roads, their vermilion feathers bright against the white snow! I sat for nearly two hours at various locations watching them filling their little tummies to bursting that morning. It was such a joy because they were all around the roadsides, untroubled by my presence, sharing the foodstuffs to be found with all the other little birds.

This particular little fellow however, became the one who most intrigued me. He stayed far off the road, deep within the tangled branches of large trees. He seemed not to want anything to do with my company and spent my visit near him peering at me from behind the dense thicket in which he took refuge.

Getting his photo became almost a contest of wills between us and, if not for the special abilities of my camera lens, he would have won! But now you see the shy but curious little cardinal who helped make my day.
-June Mohan
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