Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Not to Miss - Giorgi Latsabidze Not to Miss - Giorgi Latsabidze

One of the many truly amazing things about our slice of life here in the Cambridge area are the many opportunities we have available to experience world-class art, music and theater. Here is a "heads up" on one not to be missed.

“When I first heard Giorgi Latsabidze play the piano I was astounded on so many levels, mainly being the absolute connection his playing made to my basic humanness. He reached me so deeply and so emotionally by playing a Chopin etude (with which I was completely familiar) in a way that allowed me to feel that I was hearing it for the very first time. His technique is brilliant at the very least, but his interpretation of the classics, is for me, beyond measure. In addition, the utter joy of his passion for the piano allows him to bring a fresh and extraordinarily contemporary experience to his audience.”

“Unlike so many hugely renowned classical pianists, his presence and intelligence are given to his audience with grace and simplicity. He truly plays directly to you, sharing his own deep gifts and joy of playing for you. All of the qualities surrounding his playing are superb—and he is as well a remarkable composer who just completed scoring his first film in the United States and recently won the Italian “oscar” for best film score in Italy — all this at age 28!

He will be playing soon right here in your neighborhood. Take this opportunity and let Giorgi lift you up into the beautiful blue spring sky—and if you do, there will not be a moments regret—only sheer joy!” -Wayne Adams

A benefit concert for Burr & Burton Academy Performing Arts featuring pianist Giorgi Latsabidze, will be presented on May 7, 2007, 7:00PM at the First Congregational Church in Manchester VT. The program will include the Mozart Piano Sonata in D Major, the Pozdro Piano Sonata No. 2 and the Chopin Piano Sonata in b flat minor. A rising star among today’s classical pianists, Manchester is one of two stops in the United States for Mr. Latsabidze before he travels to Europe for a concert engagement.

Tickets can be purchased at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester. For reservations or information contact Julie Freebern at 802-362-1775 ext. 231 or
Prices are $20 for adults and $5 for children. Festival seating, doors open at 6:30PM.

short biography

Giorgi Latsabidze is one of the most exciting young pianists to come out of Eastern Europe. At age 27, he is already regarded as a significant performer of his generation. Born in the Republic of Georgia, his heritage is Russian, Georgian, Polish and Armenian. Having placed in several international piano competitions, he received the gold medal in 1999 at the Nikolai Rubinstein Competition in Paris. He has concretized throughout Central and Eastern Europe. In March 2002 he performed the 24 Etudes of Chopin in a solo concert in Tbilisi to a cheering audience of more than a thousand.

Giorgi’s early education was at the W. Saradjishvili State Conservatory in Tbilisi. He won Georgian Presidential scholarships throughout his early education, his work there culminating with a master’s degree and an artist’s diploma with highest honors. Further graduate degrees were completed at the Hanover Conservatory (Germany) and the Mozarteum in Salzburg (Austria). A composer in many genres, Giorgi wrote the score for the film Waltz-Fantasy, shown at film festivals throughout Eruope and winning in Italy in the “best music” category.

Recently Giorgi has been included in the internet world-wide listing of the top 20 pianists. He has just completed his first American film score for the new independent short feature Twilight’s Grace, written, directed and produced by Jeremy Gram Weaver for Onward Entertainment in Los Angeles, shot in Panavision by the Danish cinematographer/director of photography Bo Bilstrup (in festivals world-wide in 2007).


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