Thursday, March 29, 2007

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Enjoying Spring on River Road
Spring is my favorite time of year (at least it becomes so every year just before Spring!) Winters are filled with so many colors that are unappreciated during the other seasons: tans, rusts, blues, greys, browns, blacks. Winter presents pleasures totally unique to itself in my photography but by February I am truly longing for the colors, scents, lighting and promises of April. This week I decided to celebrate the advent of Spring with this evocative photo and one of my own poems. Perhaps they will touch kindred emotions within you.

June W. Mohan

It seems we wait so long for April, just like an unborn child.
Months of long anticipation waiting for the mild
weather and warm sunshine, breezes soft and moist.
Yes April is our favorite child, the one who gives hope voice.
The babe we place our futures in, our plans and all our visions.
Dreaming of the fruit she’ll bear to satisfy ambitions,
sown in dreary frozen months, when longings gnawed our bones,
making us depend upon her presence yet unknown.
Sweet April come into our lives, a gusty juvenile,
filled with storms and gay rainbows, that will make us smile
wide with prospect for your progress we’ll watch as you fulfill
all our winter reveries with sunshine’s warmth until
our stalwart faith in you is proved. Summer’s birth will then sustain,
the works that you’ve begun anew with your warm, healing rain.
Your enchantments summoned us through dark months come before.
Oh, April, newborn we so need, come welcomed through our door.

Photos: (Copyright Mohan 2006) To contact the artist, please send email to:


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