Monday, May 07, 2007

Cambridge Life 5/7/07 Cambridge Life 5/7/07

Sore muscles are a minor inconvenience to pay for the great weekend we just had. All around the neighborhood, folks were getting ready for summer. After breaking my back weeding, I decided to see what some of the other residents of Cambridge thought about life around here.

I drove about and found some interesting locals.

Photos and Composit by Debra Pearlman

These two fellows share their pasture with 3 other oxen. I'm told the horse rules the roost. The oxen are resting-up for their Memorial Day gig. The parade is one of the highlights of their summer. Speaking of interesting locals... John Carlson and the Treasures of Cambridge were the subjects of a receint Post Star article. Click on the link and read what they had to say.

There is so much to do come this time of year. I took a short hike on the Mile Round the Woods trail in North Bennington, VT and caught the woods flowers just as they were beginning to bloom. Warmer days mean that we'll soon be able to go tubing on the Battenkill, we don't have the same intense black fly season as the Adirondacks so hiking right now is great and the roadways are clear of debris so biking is a breeze.

Tell us what you like about living in the Cambridge Valley. To contribute email Debra Pearlman


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