Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cambridge Life 12/11/07 Cambridge Life 12/11/07

Snow shimmers as it brightens dusk
(photo:Debra Pearlman)

I love the quiet calm that seems to come with a snowfall, but when it happens during the holidays, I'm especially delighted. I love the way all the lights twinkle against the snow making the early darkness seem special and filled with promise.

The 7th night of Hanukah (Photo: D. Pearlman)

Hanukah came early this year. I enjoy the tradition of lighting the Hanukah candles and in so doing, I honor my mother and the foundations she instilled in me for my Jewish heritage.

Christmas cactus celebrate the season (Photo: D. Pearlman)

The Christmas cactus reminds me that even in winter's darkness, life blooms.



Blogger June W. Mohan said...


Such intimate, and quietly comforting photographs .... thank you so much for them. I felt as though I was there in your home wandering about with you, sharing the beauty within and without it's walls. What a lovely moment of peace. God bless you.
June M.

2:36 PM  
Blogger Debra Pearlman said...

Thank you and same to you. I love the images you share each week in the Photographer's Log. Can't wait for your gallery to open.

8:54 AM  

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