Friday, December 07, 2007

Where Can I Find That? Where Can I Find That?

Dear Where Can I Find That,

As a commuter, I find a major barrier to shopping locally is the limited hours kept by many local businesses and the lack of Sunday hours. While I understand there are good reasons for the practice,it does limit my local purchases. I will not drive into Cambridge or Greenwich unless I can accomplish several errands at one time. I really appreciate locally run business that are open when I need them, such as Saratoga Apple, the Greenwich Local Market, and Hoosick True Value (open at 8 am on Sunday, and practically a general store!). If businesses could cooperate to stay open late on Thursday evenings year round, it would really make a difference and I would make a practice of shopping then---and perhaps even eat out beforehand. -- DJ

Dear DJ,

You raise an important point. Listen up local merchants and business owners. Residents need you to be more flexible with your hours. If you close shop everyday at 5 pm, how is someone who works out of town going to use your services?

Dear Where can I find that,

Recently I was shopping for my 85 year-old grandmother and just could not decide what she would need at her age and gave up. Any suggestions?

Dear Any Suggestions,

Shopping for your grandmother is hard – trust me I know…mine is extra picky. What has worked for me in the past is a book from Battenkill Books. Our recent purchase for Grandma was by a local author – Jon Katz and a book mark. I had my boys ages 7 & 9 make a one of a kind beaded book mark at Over the Moon Beads and Gifts. The gift was not only thoughtful, but totally unique as there is no other book mark on the planet like the ones my boys made. Grandma was beside herself and I was a hero and it cost less than $25.

Dear Where Can I Find That,

We have just moved to the area and are receiving invitations to holiday gatherings – what can we bring to the party that won’t put me into debt?

Dear New Neighbor,

Welcome to the Battenkill Valley! You have chosen an excellent place to live. My first suggestion would be a bottle of wine – but first you must confirm that the party hosts indulge. Black Dog Wine and Sprits have an excellent selection, knowledgeable staff that can make a suggestion at any price point and varietals. Compliment with a great tag and you’re all set. Another option might be a unique food basket – things people would enjoy but not often buy. The Village Store Co-op in Cambridge and the Greenwich Local Market have an abundance of lovely items to choose from. The Garden Shop and Focus on Flowers can set you up with a lovely gift giving plant like a Christmas cactus, Poinsettia or miniature evergreen tree a nice gift that will keep you in their minds throughout the season.

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