Monday, March 17, 2008

Cambridge Life 3/17/08 Cambridge Life 3/17/08

It's the day for wearing green and that is exactly what I'm beginning to see in my garden. Yes, folks, it looks like our long and snowy winter is finally giving way to spring. Last fall I planted over 100 daffodil and tulip bulbs in my garden, and this past Saturday, little green shoots started appearing. It's still March, and we all know the weather can turn on a dime, but today is sunny so enjoy.

As I emerge from my winter hibernation, I have discovered all sorts of activity going on in the Village. Hubbard Hall's latest production is up and running. They're doing George Bernard Shaw's Heartbreak House. This play is a comedy, and the run ends on March 30th.

The next two weekends, March 21-23 & 28-30 are the annual Maple Sugar Festival. You can tour the many sugar houses in our area. For information, check out the Towns and Villages of the Battenkill Valley website or go to
to find a sugar house in Washington County.

The Tour of the Battenkill cycling race, April 19th, has now become the largest single day bicycling race in the entire USA! Great job Deiter. I know they still need about it folks! Visit the website for details and more information on becoming a volunteer.

All these events and soon fishing season will open. Can life get any better than it is in Cambridge, NY?

We'd love to hear your stories of life in Cambridge. To post on this blog, email your stories and/or photos (jpg format only) to Debra Pearlman. Celebrate what's great about our region.


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