Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cambridge Life: 6/17/08 Cambridge Life: 6/17/08

Photos by John Carlson and June Mohan

When I moved into my house in 2003 I had great plans for the garden. There was much to do-- cleaning out of overgrowing irises, discovery of hidden treasures, and deciding exactly where to plant what. The following summer, my brother sent me 3 peonie roots as a birthday gift. I always thought of peonies as "my" flower because they bloomed on my birthday in early June. So plant the roots I did, and wait a year I did...and another year, and another. Finally, last summer (2007) I thought I'd see some blooms, but alas, over zealous weed-whacking took down the one plant that looked productive. I'd have to wait another year...

Fuchsia peonies brighten my day (Photo:Debra Pearlman)

As you can see, patience paid off. I have wonderful blossoms this year. To my surprise, all of my plants have produced lushes blooms from white to deepest pinks. And I am not the only village resident with lush peonies. All along East Main Street houses are awash with the heavy flowers.

Now I eagerly await the fruits of my labors....astilbee, coral bells, tomatoes, herbs and lettuce all are looking promising. If these rains keep up and the days get warmer, it should be a bumper crop year. I'd love to know how your garden is doing. Send me a photo and email: Debra Pearlman so I can see the other green thumbs that reside in and around Cambridge, NY.


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