Thursday, May 22, 2008

Photographer's Log Photographer's Log

Photo by June Mohan

Spring Tilling In Buskirk

This photo was taken on Route 59A in Buskirk, N.Y. near the end of last autumn, I believe. It is my hope to go back to photograph it again this week to see if it has yet been tilled for planting.

Each spring and autumn the Cambridge Valley Hills are a patchwork of harvested fields of corn, which leave amazing tracings of the contours of the very earth itself. This particular field reminds me of a sand crab’s eye view of beach sand through which some child has pulled his sand rake as he was walking along beside his mom or dad. I hope this photo pleases you as it does me.

You will soon be able to see more of June’s work and the work of other local artists at 50 East Gallery.


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