Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pets: Charlie Pets: Charlie

Our dog Charlie is a 2-year old Bouvier de Flandres; this is a Belgian breed of herding dog. He's a rescue dog who was kept in a basement most of the time his first year, and treated badly, but now he's made a home with my husband and me, here in New York, where he has a big yard to roam. Charlie has spent the past year taking Obedience classes, Levels I, II, and III. He adores squeaker toys --- it's almost as if he's playing a musical instrument. Charlie is full of energy and curiosity; a canine teenager. He loves to play with other dogs. And when he sees a leash, he goes into ecstasy at the prospect of an outing.

During World War I and II, Bouviers helped the Belgians relay messages as they fought and resisted against their German opponents. In WWII, Hitler wanted to select a breed of dog to represent the Third Reich. He had heard of the Bouvier, so he asked to see one. But when that dog came before Hitler, it bit him. So after that, the Nazis tried to kill the Bouviers. After the war, the Belgian people brought the breed back from the edge of extinction. Today, Bouviers serve as herders, guard dogs, police dogs, and family pets.

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