Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cambridge Life 7/9/08 Cambridge Life 7/9/08

Photos by John Carlson and June Mohan

I recently had the wonderful experience of undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery. I'm doing quite well but am unable to drive, mow the lawn, or take care of some basic chores. So here I am, living alone and not able to walk all that well yet. Am I worried? No, because I have amazing neighbors and friends who have jumped in and make my recuperation so easy. Mary, Dale and Cheyenne drive me around and mow my lawn. John and KT make grocery runs and and take me to physical therapy. I may live alone, but living in a rural community, you are never on your own because neighbors take care of each other.

Another great example is the family across the road. They run a dairy farm and the four boys are busy doing chores all day long. But come the late afternoon, I look across the way to see the boys jump in Mary and Dale's pool and create the sort of energy only little boys can muster. I'll hobble over and sit on the deck, Mary will bring out lemonade and hot dogs. Next thing you know Kyle and Melissa walk over and join the gang... it's an impromptu block party. That's what my Cambridge life is like these days. So the heat isn't so bad, the plants are looking pretty good, and my knee feels better every day.

You can brighten up your Cambridge life this weekend with the July 12th Fireman's Carnival Fireworks Display. Keep checking this blog for more details on the event.

Well, Battenkill tubing is calling my to go and float.


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