Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where Can I Find That? #8 Where Can I Find That? #8

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The other day when it was pretty cold my car would not start and had to have my friend help me by jumping it. Why does my car not start because it is cold outside? - Frozen Solid

Dear Frozen Solid,

Being stuck in the cold is no fun! The short answer to your question is your car requires more power to start and move during colder weather. If you do not plan on driving your vehicle everyday at least start your car. Additionally, have your car checked out by a professional. Just like getting your own physical your car also needs one. Locally we have many car care facilities to choose from: Kinney’s Auto, Performance Auto & Body, Barber & Fricke Automotive, Scott’s Auto, Cone Tire, LaFlammes and Kings Auto all of which can be found in this paper, plus many others by searching your local chambers. Also, ensure you have cold weather gear for your car which can be found at your car care professional and Cambridge Auto Parts – extra windshield wipers, anti-freeze, oil, an ice scraper, and of course jumper cables. As a further safety precaution drive at a slower pace in bad weather, and make sure you have a fully charged cell phone just in case.

Dear Eagle,

Happy New Year, and now its tax time and I’m scared and unsure that I can complete the forms by the April 15 deadline and I don’t have people! - Tax Man is knocking

Dear Tax Man,

We just barely come off Christmas and New Years and the smell of fear sets in as the calendar gets closer and closer to April 15. Have no fear because tax folks are here. Our search turned up nine tax and accounting services in our part of the county. Cambridge Tax and Accounting Service, Christine Brominski Accounting, Crepeau and Associates Inc, Cristaldi Accounting, Dana Clark Financial, Dickinson & Company, H & R Block, Mohan & Mohan and Summit Lake Bookkeeping. Each offers different services and you should call and interview them to determine if their services match your needs. However, do not delay the 15th is closer than you think!

Valentines Day is day is just a mere few weeks away! We will focus on interesting, inspirational and meaningful ways to tell those you love – that you LOVE them! Chocolate and Flowers will be included.

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