Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Did You Know? Did You Know?

Did you know that the Cambridge Buzz was started by a group of friends who call themselves the Buzz Wave Collaborative? We began with a simple idea...helping build awareness of our communities and businesses by using the latest technologies. Our goal: Building Community One Link at a Time.

Since starting the Cambridge Buzz blog, several area businesses and municipalities have taken advantage of the blog and its speed in reaching the community. We have readers from all across the country, many who have come to our area because of what they see on the blog. Hotel rooms have been booked, books have been purchased, and antiques have been sold because of a posting on the Cambridge Buzz. Now you can put the Buzz to work for your business by advertising on or sponsoring the site. Take advantage of the fastest growing way to reach your customers and constituents. Here are some of what your ad dollars will get you:

1. Sidebar button linking to your website or to Blog post about your business
2. Permanent listing and link to your website under the “Advertiser Link” sidebar list (if you do not have a website will link back to the Cambridge Life or Where Can I Find That? posting on the Blog.
3. Blog Sponsorship Available. Permanent and prominent display of your logo with link to your website.

For more information about advertising on the Cambridge Buzz call 518-677-8471. Read about the Buzz Wave Collaborative and help keep our community growing one link at a time.


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