Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where Can I Find That? for 2/18/09 Where Can I Find That? for 2/18/09

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I am dreading the thought of spring because when the snow is finally gone I am going to have a big mess, both inside and out. My family seems to collect lots of stuff and since my husband and I both work we don’t seem to have time to do more than maintain. Spring sports are going to start and our live are thrown into complete chaos. Can you help us find balance with cleaning and gardening?

Thank You,

Dear Chaos,

Wow, it is true the snow will melt and spring will be here in no time…Yikes. I went on line and found a few useful sites that claim to help bring balance into the unbalanced home – not sure what reality those writers live in, but it is not mine! Sort of like the reality dating show where they fall madly in love after a few weeks of being wined, dined, pampered and shuttled to exotic locations – no reality. However, a few helpful hints I did find:

Every day try to:
1. Load and run the dishwasher
2. Clean up the kitchen
3. Do at least one load of laundry including folding and putting it away
4. Work as a family pick-up before going to bed
5. Clean the bathroom once a week.

Feeding the family is where I struggle, so cook in bulk entrée items that can be recreated into new dishes.

My search locally did not generate any cleaning services, so I would suggest posting a notice in this paper and talk to your friends (that is how I found my home cleaning management specialist!). It is amazing what a great feeling it is to come home to a clean house. For working, busy families it is a luxury that I encourage you to find in your budget.

For the outside I was able to find the following:

1. Davis Family Enterprises 518-677-8003;
2. J&W Landscaping, LLC 518-222-3321 or 518-677-2389
3. Green-Springs Landscaping, LLC 518-692-7915
4. Jeff's Lawn Care & Snowplowing 518-339-0606.

Once the greenhouses open there are great growers with knowledgeable staff to help you select the right items for your yard.

Here are a few:

1. Stannard Farms is off Rt 22
2. Gardenworks in Salem off Rt 30
3. The Greenery off Rt 29 between Greenwich and Salem
4. Hands off Rt 29 in Greenwich

The Farmers Markets in Cambridge, Greenwich and Salem all have local growers. I would also check out your local hardware store for plants and the tools necessary for proper planting. Often when I am driving I will see farms that have greenhouses with items for sale, stop look and ask questions. Hubbard Hall has been doing a series of gardening forums, and I would also suggest checking out Gardenworks. Another thought that my neighborhood did was jointly hire a teenager to assist with outside chores. We each took a day and time slot and had a variety of tasks for the young man to do for us including weeding, raking, and painting.

However you decide to tackle your spring cleaning chores, remember to keep checking the Cambridge Buzz for the dates of Village Spring Clean-up - when they will pick-up your yard debris, if you bring it to the sidewalk.


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