Friday, April 03, 2009

Is it really sping? Is it really sping?

I know that the calendar says spring the crocus are up, the lilacs are in bud and the sap is done running but...

I must confess that I love a day like today. The wind is making my chimes ring and the feel in the air is of rain a comin'....a good day to finish my taxes, watch a video, or best of all, read my book. That's one of the benefits of working for yourself, at home!

Big plans this year for the garden...I'm thinking of digging up the lawn. Yes, I'm going to plant fruit trees, berry bushes, and create a pond for water plants. Of course, I'll still have my tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumber patch. I need suggestions on what else to add to the garden.

What are you putting in this year?


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