Saturday, July 04, 2009

HAPPY JULY 4, 2009 HAPPY JULY 4, 2009

Just in time for our nation's birthday, the tiara of the Statue of Liberty has been re-opened. If you've never made the climb to the top of Lady Liberty, I say...Go for it. To be able to climb inside an iconic statue for 354 stairs and then get that view...AMAZING! You will never see New York Harbor's magnificence anywhere like this.

Ever wonder why her crown has those spikes? The Statue of Liberty tiara or crown actually consists of seven spikes that represent the seven continents and oceans that we have on this planet.

Not going to Lady Liberty for this July 4th? Me neither. My plans are to hope we don't have any more rain so the grill can be fired-up.

Hamburgers, chicken, kabobs, hot dogs, brats...whatever you choose it's always tastier on the grill. July 4th seems to be a time for neighbors and friends to gather together and celebrate. But remember what we are celebrating and let's hope the rain holds off so we can watch some nice fireworks tonight.

Rain or shine, Cambridge, NY will be celebrating our collective Birthday!

Happy July 4, 2009.....

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