Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cambridge Life #1 Cambridge Life #1

This will be a new Wednesday feature of our blog. I’ll try to give you a taste of life and a flavor for the people in Cambridge, NY and the surrounding area.

February 17,2006, the entire region was hit by a major storm. Winds topped out at 90mph in some areas and electricity was knocked out. Word on the street was that power would be out for at least 2 days, maybe more. It was cold and we were without power, most folks had no heat.

When I finally ventured into town, strangers asked if everything was okay and did I need any help. I’m relatively new to the area and don’t know many folks, but that did not matter. The local hardware store was sold out of generators and kerosene heaters, but Alexander’s hunted down generators from far and wide and located sources for kerosene and other sold out items. My neighbor called to say he had a generator and would we like to come stay at their place?

Local fire and rescue squads went door-to-door making sure we knew about the shelters they set up and to provide transportation to those who needed it. The care and generosity of neighbors and strangers alike was refreshing. By the next day, life and power returned to normal and the great storm of 2006 became fodder for sharing antidotes for survival.


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