Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cambridge Life #10 Cambridge Life #10

As May approaches I eagerly anticipate the shearing of the sheep. Many of my neighbors in Cambridge, NY raise sheep. Some people spin the wool, others have sheep for their children to enjoy and learn from. What ever the reason for raising these fuzzy critters, I get a giggle when I leave the house seeing thickly fleeced sheep

Before the barber came I told him just a little off the top
(Photos: John Carlson; Debra Pearlman)

and return home and see "naked" sheep romping in the fields.

Mom and 2 kids at my neighbor's house (Photo: Debra Pearlman)

It's another sign that spring has really arrived. All along the back roads of Cambridge, NY sheep are getting their spring clippings, farmers are preparing their fields and I know that local produce will soon be available at the Farmer's Market. It's all just another thing I love about living in Cambridge, NY.

Let me know what you love about living around or visiting the farms near where you live.


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