Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cambridge Life #9 Cambridge Life #9

Last weekend was absolutely spectacular. I couldn't wait to get out into the yard and do some clean-up and pruning of the fruit trees. So what did I do, I spent all of Saturday mastering a database program. It was great fun, but I really needed to get some work done around the house because my "Swiss brother" Andres was arriving on Sunday.

Andres and Mom enjoying spring in Cambridge, NY
(Photo: Debra Pearlman)

Andres was an exchange student that lived with my family in the 1964/65 school year. Since then, we have exchanged families. His brothers have lived here with us, my brother and sister and I have lived in Switzerland with him...he is my "Swiss brother." What's really great is that he comes over to see Mom every November for her birthday. But this year he came over for his 41st high school reunion and then drove up to Cambridge, NY to visit us. After spending the morning doing yard work and finally pruning the fruit trees, Andres, Mom, and I sat down to enjoy our lunch.

Just like lunch in Brione, Switzerland (Photo: Debra Pearlman)

Andres loves visiting Cambridge,NY because he says it reminds him of the house he has in Brione on Lago Maggiori near Locarno. Feeling like I'm back in Switzerland, surrounded by the Swiss-Italian Alps is just another thing I love about Life in Cambridge, NY.


Blogger Charlene said...

The meal and wine look absolutely delicious! I love good cheeses from Europe, French bagettes and a lovely white white. What a divine way to relax, converse with company and enjoy the bounties of life/nature. When in season, I would also add strawberries and pears. Yum! Thank you for sharing your story and photos. With warmer weather I'm feeling the urge to have an inpromptu picnic. :-)

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