Monday, May 15, 2006

Treasures of Cambridge #11 Treasures of Cambridge #11

Be a part of "Treasures of Cambridge". If you are a resident of the Cambridge, NY area, please contact me by email at to schedule a time of your convenience to have your portrait taken. Bring a prop that you identify yourself with. Some people have said that they believe they are not "Treasures" and therefore have not contacted me. Everyone's story is important. You are what make this area the special place that it is. Besides, it is a lot of fun, will give you a chance to meet your neighbors, and takes on average only about 15 minutes of your time. Click on the sidebar about Treasures, to get more info about the project. Thanks!

Michael G. Forss pictured in front of the vault in the former Bean Head’s Coffee House has lived in Cambridge, NY since 1991. A native of New York City, Michael remembers the awesome power of nature one day, eight years ago, that lightning struck a tree here on Main street and all the lights went out in town.

Michael likes to walk down Main Street to Stewart’s to, "just hang out". While in New York City, Michael was a messenger for the jewelry industry and worked in a clothing warehouse for the Designers Warehouse of America. He also worked for the printing and mailing company called, Minerva.

One of Michael’s props is a sweatshirt with the NYC Transit Authority logo on it. While he lived in NY he loved to ride the subway system because he "could go anywhere in the City and not have to drive a car". His favorite places to visit were Radio City Music Hall and the Sherry-Netherland Hotel. Michael’s other prop is a woodcut of the rock star Frank Zappa, from a feature column designed and conceived by local artist Stephen Alcorn for our local newspaper, Main Street. Michael, while working as an usher at the Filmore, got to see Zappa perform and enjoy his music while he, "seated people in the dark". That experience left a lasting impression on him, and so he was thrilled to see the article and Stephen's beautiful artwork in the paper.

Michael says wants to be remembered, “for his good looks”. He also says he would like to be famous someday, "although I know I probably won’t ever be". Friends and family feel differently about that, and are quick to point out that in his way, he already is a famous treasure here in our special town we call Cambridge.


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