Monday, May 22, 2006

Treasures of Cambridge #12 Treasures of Cambridge #12

I am available to photograph you and your prop for Treasures of Cambridge. Please contact me at to schedule a time: there is evening, daytime and some weekend time open. This has been a great project so far and not to be missed. Please drop me a line. See you at Bean Heads!

Kathryn Norton, also known as, "plain ole, Taffy". "When my niece was young she could not say, Kathy, so it came out, Taffy, and it stuck!" (No pun intended, she assures me). Taffy, who is pictured in front of the vault in the former Bean Head's Coffee House, has lived in the Cambridge area for about twelve years.

Kathy sees Cambridge as a very involved community, "it's country, it's rural, but everybody knows each other, it is very friendly-- very community-- and there are a lot of opportunities here, too". One of her favorite places to be in the area is the Dionondehowa Wildlife Sanctuary and School, which is a non-profit organization located on 175 acres bordering the Battenkill River outside Shushan, "it's beautiful there".

About her props, "I guess I am kind of an incarnated fairy. I have always thought so, and something has lead me on that path, so I kind of honor it." The drum is from New Mexico from a circle of people there, and is made in a Native Indian tradition. "I love drumming, I do it now and then to offer prayer or to heal things". She says the wings are playful, the drum, more serious.

She would love to be remembered as a free spirit! "Definitely she says, I still love to play at forty-five, I will always love to play, so I would like to be remembered as a playful, free spirit".


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