Thursday, August 17, 2006

Breaking News from Cambridge, NY Breaking News from Cambridge, NY

A new association of tourism based businesses

I know that you all enjoy reading about and seeing the photos of Cambridge, NY, but let me tell you about another exciting area that surrounds Cambridge. We like to call it the Towns and Villages of the Battenkill Valley (TVBV).

Christine Hoffer, owner of the Rice Mansion Inn spearheaded the move towards creating an association that would focus on tourism based businesses that are within the triangle created by the towns of Cambridge, Greenwich, and Salem, NY.

For the past few months a core group has been meeting and talking to local establishments about this new venture and on Monday, August 14th, approx. 50 people gathered at the Historic Salem Courthouse to discuss formalizing the creation of the Town and Villages of the Battenkill Valley Association.

Christine made a dynamic presentation and argument as to why we need this association. Sarah Kelly of Over the Moon Graphics presented initial designs for a brochure insert and web site. Debra Pearlman and Hilary McLellan of BuzzWave talked about the BLOG they will help create for the group. Membership dues, creating a 501 (c) 3, and other items were discussed. Below are the minutes from the meeting.

If you are interested in joining the Towns and Villages of the Battenkill Valley Association you can contact Christine Hoffer at 518-677-5741, or post a comment on this BLOG and I will send you make sure you receive your application.

August 14, 2006

Meeting of the Towns and Villages of the Battenkill Valley Association

Increase in spending
Increase in Sales Tax Collection
Increase in jobs
Create stable year round and seasonal employment
Created thriving businesses that serve the tourist and the residents. This equals places to shop, sleep, eat and be entertained.

Transient/Corporate Traveler
--Individual & Retreats
Heritage Traveler
Adventure Traveler
--Soft: needs a hot shower and toilet
--True: will camp
Resident Traveler
--Local looking for a room for friends and family
--Within an hour drive of home
FIT & Group Traveler
--Wants one stop shopping in planning trip
--Theater, Music, Fine and Craft
--U-Pick, Educational, Culinary, ASA, Focal Points, Alfresco,
--Battenkill Robuix, Balloon Festival Classic & CVC Century Ride


Unified Marketing pieces with branding
--Website & Blog
--Tourism Newspaper
--Generate our own demand
--Holiday Trimmings
--Winter Wonderland
--Packaging events already happening
----Music From Salem, Hubbard Hall, Fort Salem Theater, Farm to Fiber...
--Battenkill Valley Roadshow
--Attend tradeshows
--Blitz outlining communities
--Target Market Advertising
----Americade & NYS Firefighters Assc.
--Occupancy tax
----Bring to your Town Supervisor attention and request that action be taken


$4,500 matching grant from Washington County Tourism Special funding-RECEIVED
$2,500 matching funds from I Love NY -REQUESTED
Seek corporate funding
Association fees
--$25 Base membership
--$50 Base membership with link on website
--$75 Base membership with link on website with photo and presence on blog


Agriculture related funding
--NYS Dept of Ag & Market Agritourism Grant Program Due Sept 11
Adventure related funding
--Healthy Heart Trails funding-Cycling due Nov 2006
Arts funding
Preservation Funding
Occupancy Tax
KIOSK Funding


Bruce Ferguson asked about the structure of the association. We are a loosely formed group that is working to create a 501 c 3 w/ board and all elements necessary to be successful. Bob Akland emphasized the importance of this especially because of dues and grant monies. ACTION: A quickbooks account has been established at the Rice Mansion Inn for accounting purposes. At next meeting we will present a slate of officers to include President, VP, Secy, Treasurer.

Charlie Duvee asked about the markets and can that be included in the information sent out. Please note it above and on the application. The focus of the next meeting will be a brief overview and then breaking out into focal groups based on the target markets. A facilitator will be assigned to each group along with a task list for the group.

Debra Pearlman, Hillary McLellan and Roger Wyatt spoke about the BLOG and how this segment of the web has grown and what it can do to help not only the individual businesses but also the region. The BLOG will be the story about you, your business and the Battenkill Valley. The WEB site will be simple with a focus on your businesses vitals. The blog will feature daily specials focusing on you the businesses example: Monday-Restaurants, Tues-Lodging, Wed-ARTS, Thurs-Activity...your story. The goal is to have at a minimum 20 new postings a week. Each posting stays live on the blog in the archive FOREVER!! Or close anyway

We are much stronger together than we are individually.


For an application and information please click on the comment tag and send your email or call Christine Hoffer at 677-5741.



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Blogger Allen said...

I have had a favorable impression of cambridge over the years, simply as atraveler passing through. I have even inquired about homes there. However, in the past four years or so every family member save one in our household has been stopped by the police in town, or more specificly just north of town where the speed limit changes from 30mph to 55.some of usrecievd hefty tickets for our 6 miles over the limit and one was subject to a 45 minute interogation(he has long hair)with no ticket.
Its not just us, it seems to be anyone with out of state plates who travels through. While I realize the need for slowing traffic down coming into your town, it now seems that even that does not insure that you won't be stopped.
I now have a very negative view of your community and I won't stop there for anything. If i ran out of gas there I'll probably call 3a's to tow me to another town to fill my tank

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