Friday, August 04, 2006

Cambridge NY, Farmers' Market 8-6-06 Cambridge NY, Farmers' Market 8-6-06

You won't want to miss this weeks Farmers' Market. Not only are the local farmers bursting with fresh vegies, but the musical guest is none other than Cambridge, NY based Cantaluna.

Photos with permission of Stephen Alcorn. All Rights Reserved

Starting as a duo with Stephen Alcorn and Richard Barbierri, the group now plays as a duo, trio (with Ferrilyn Sourdiffe), all the way to a sextet. It's always a treat to see Stephen and Ferrilyn, whose voice is pure magic. Be sure to come and hear then on August 6th.

Photos by: John Carlson and Blue Moon Clay Studios All Rights Reserved

While at the Market, check out Blue Moon Clay Studios booth. John Visser may even have his portable potters wheel on hand to demonstrate the art of "throwing" clay.

Photos: John Carlson. All Rights Reserved

If you're looking for a really unique wedding gift, this is the place to find it. John and partner Brenda McMahon create pottery art. Brenda specializes in Saggar-fired porcelain vessels and tiles, wheel-thrown and hand-burnished pots. John creates functional and sculptural forms, from large vessels to unique coffee mugs. I can guarantee that a gift from Blue Moon Clay Studios will be a one-of-a-kind creation.

You can also enjoy a visit at the Blue Moon studio by following the Pottery Trail, a tour of six clay studios in New York's Albany-Saratoga Region.

Cambridge Farmers' Market is good eats and a whole lot more....

See you on Sunday.


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