Monday, September 25, 2006

Cambridge Makes History Today! Cambridge Makes History Today!

For years now there has been buzz about the Cambridge Freight Yard Revitalization Project's plans to preserve the unique historic Delaware & Hudson Railroad complex, to create tourism potential, jobs, and support for our local agriculture.

During this time we have watched buildings slowly being renovated, others sold to entrepreneurs to someday become Main Street retail businesses. Most of the work to date has been "behind the scenes" which had many wondering, "What IS going on?"

Well, we don't have to wonder anymore. Today history was made in Cambridge, NY! The town hosted local and national representatives including, Congressman Sweeney, State Senator Little, State Assemblyman MacDonald (each of whom has been instrumental in getting sizeable funding for the project) amongst many others, for the official ground breaking ceremony that kicks off the next phase of this important project.

A tip of the hat to our fellow Cambridgeites, people who have worked hard for many long years, mostly without pay. People moved by the passion to make a positive difference in our town; to help maintain the beauty found in our heritage, to help foster prosperity and create a sense of community that will move us all forward into a much brighter future than we would have enjoyed without their vision and the courage to do what it takes to make something like this happen.

Click here to read today's press release for the event.


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