Monday, September 25, 2006

Treasures of Cambridge #27 Treasures of Cambridge #27

ATTENTION: Cambridge area residents.If you have not yet been photographed for this project please contact me, John Carlson at to make an appointment to meet at Beanheads!

Roger McManus pictured in front of the vault in the former Bean Head’s Coffee House, has lived in Cambridge for 5 years with his wife and son. Originally from Brooklyn, NY Roger loves his quite country house in the pastoral landscape found in our area.

Before living here he resided with his folks for three years in nearby Arlington, Vermont before moving down to Nashville to pursue his musical ambitions. Wanting to be closer to his family, they came back to the northeast and looked for a home. Cambridge was a town they always drove through and was only fifteen minutes from his family. "We got lucky, we looked on the Internet and found the house we are living in today!"

When he was a child growing up in Brooklyn, his family would vacation in the area and so now he says this about living here, "It is like being on vacation all the time! It’s such a nice little town; I can walk around with my son in the stroller, and talk to many friendly people. It is a great way for people to get to know people."

Roger’s prop is his guitar. "I like writing songs. When I got out of high school, Ivonne and my brother started a little band. I went down to Nashville, TN and was playing in clubs and writing songs. It is a part of my personality."

Since being back in the area, he has not been playing music that much these days, but wants to play again to have his son, "grow up with music in the family". He has worked in human resources, helping retarded children and young people and now is a stay at home Dad, raising his son Kobe which he admits, "is a full time job." He feels blessed to be in a position where he can afford to be there to watch his son grow and develop in subtle and not so subtle ways. "I get to see things I surely would have missed if I worked a regular job right now."

Roger would like to be remembered as a, "Good guy. That would sum it up, a good guy, someone who thought of others first and was a family man."


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