Monday, September 11, 2006

Treasures of Cambridge #25 Treasures of Cambridge #25

Everyone is a treasure! We all have our story to tell, This is our time. Please drop me an email to be a part of Treasures of Cambridge. This is an ongoing project to document the stories of as many area residents as possible in this fun and interesting way. Our great town is made that way by the wonderful people who inhabit it. So make an appointment by contacting me, John Carlson at

Cheyanne pictured in front of the vault in the former Bean Head’s Coffee House was born and raised in the Cambridge, NY area.

When asked what she likes most about living here, she replies, "I am so close to school, so when I forget something, I can go right back home again. But mostly I like it here because all my friends live here and there are soccer fields close by and we have land so I get to train my oxen."

Cheyanne’s main prop is a yoke that her oxen are, "just about to grow out of." She likes the fact that people are amazed by the beautiful, magnificent, huge creatures she trains for fairs, farm chores and fun. "They are really nice, I love them. They take a lot of work to break in, you have to learn to develop trust with them, and then you get to have a lot of fun with them." When asked if she was afraid of them, being so big and imposing, she said, "You have to learn that you can take control of them, because they do tend to get rambunctious at times."

Her Dad taught her verbal commands that the oxen respond to. "There are different commands to tell them where you want them to go, like, "GEE" is right, and "HAW" is left. And there is "GITUP," which means, start walking." She brings her oxen to the Washington County Fair each year.

Her other props are a soccer ball and her Cambridge Soccer jersey. "I love soccer, I have been playing it as long as I was able to play (she laughs)." She loves that she gets to travel around to different schools, meet people and she likes the fact that her coach has become a good friend of her family. The best part about soccer for Cheyanne is when she gets the ball and gets to either pass it to a teammate or take a shot and score a goal. "I love team work!"

Cheyanne would like to be remembered as, "the soccer playing oxen trainer, that would be fun."


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