Monday, October 16, 2006

Treasures of Cambridge #29 Treasures of Cambridge #29

Ivonne McManus pictured in front of the vault in the former Bean Head’s Coffee House, has lived in the Cambridge area since November of 2001 with her husband and son.

She loves Cambridge because it reminds her of her home country of Chile and the town of Quilpue, nicknamed, "The City of Sun." Even though Quilpue is actually a larger town then Cambridge, it has a similar small town feel, "and you can walk anywhere in the village and meet people." Her favorite thing to do right now is to play with her son and take him for walks in the stroller.

Raising a family takes a good part of her day, but she does find time to do her hobby- the study of astronomy. And so her prop is the telescope that she uses to explore the stars and planets seen from our hemisphere. She belongs to a couple of local astronomy clubs, groups of people who get together once a month and share their knowledge and the wonder of the heavens that can be seen through the lens of a telescope.

This interest started way back, “Ever since I was a young girl I would look up at the stars.” She loves to view, what are called by astronomers, "the fuzzy objects" like nebula, because they are fun to find. One of the biggest thrills she has had was finding the Andromeda galaxy and the fact that you can see it with without a telescope. "I never knew that before I had joined a club," she exclaims.

Ivonne would like to be remembered as someone who wanted to help people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ivonne McManus of Cambridge, New York is a sleazy slumlord. We lived in her hovel for one week in July 2016. Her unscrupulous property manager, Kay Ward, refused to refund our deposit. So we wrote to the owner to get the pro-rated amount back. She's never responded to either my letter or phone call.

The apartment on 4 Johnson Rd., Cambridge, NY was literally, uninhabitable. Not only were there several, serious code violations, the place stank of animal urine and feces. (And they had the chutzpah to demand a $200 pet fee, of which $100 was nonrefundable.) It hadn't been thoroughly cleaned as promised. The strong stench was so bad that it activated an asthma attack in me. It also had other numerous issues: no closet doors, burner pans were rusted and rotted through, kitchen cupboard broke when we opened it, holes in the bottom of the bathroom and kitchen storage units, old heaters were hanging off the filthy walls, window seals were buckled and blown, light sockets were loose, cruddy carpet was crunchy and embedded with old food, and the fire system sensors on the ceiling weren't properly placed. The messy grounds are also unattractive, it's very dusty, and there are no trees to shield the sun. The bright light was unbearable inside during noon hours, even with our blackout curtains installed. The turnover is extremely high too, due to neglect and lack of caring.

I'm in the process of reporting her to appropriate agencies now, so she will be held accountable for her actions and arrogant attitude. She should be ashamed of herself, too. The owner is clearly more concerned with her computer consulting business, than in maintaining her ripoff rentals. I'd avoid her horrid apartments at all costs.

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