Thursday, November 02, 2006

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The sun was at high noon as I watched this farmer on South Cambridge Road bringing in his crop. I have been photographing these ripening fields for months, golden in sunsets, wondering when it would be that the harvest would take place. How blessed I felt to be witness to the harvest taking place after so many afternoons and evenings admiring the beauty of those fields. But, watching the farmers toiling under the white glare of the Autumn sun with the dust flying all around them, I was reminded of how much labor, hope and prayer went into that crop.

It made me think, "how much thought do I ever really give to those endless fields stretching along our roadsides and over the hills going off beyond our sight?" I realize now looking at this harvest that I am looking at the livelihood, the bread and butter, the dollars and cents, which will support men, women and children; my very own neighbors. I recognize in these fields those products that will fill my own pantry and refrigerator keeping me from the misery of hunger that plagues so many others on our planet.

I thank God for the farmers, these men and women who work long and hard to help keep food on all of our plates, and who courageously hold out against permitting our beautiful Cambridge Valley landscapes from fast becoming just another housing development, parking lot or strip mall.

Now, when I see and photograph row upon row of golden corn stalks, or dozens of cows grazing in a lush pasture, I will consider the humble, hard-working human beings behind all this beauty, and perhaps offer up a prayer for their prosperity, health and well-being. -June Mohan
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