Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jack's Outback Rendezvous #33 Jack's Outback Rendezvous #33

Push Cultivator / Seeder
With the warm weather we have been having so far this winter, I am inspired to do a piece about this unique antique gardening tool.

This person powered cultivator / seeder called, “Iron Age” and has a copyright of December 9, 1902. The user pushes the unit through the soil to cut a row and plant the various seed types that are placed in the large hopper. There is a special seed size selector dial with click stops for celery, turnips, onions, parsnip, spinach and beets. Jack says, "this well made tool probably has more metal in it than four modern cars put together!"

It is in pristine, workable condition, down to its original decal and paint. Almost makes me want to get out there right now and plant my garden… well, almost!

Jack’s: Tools from yesteryear, inspiring projects today!
Go there. Visit Jack’s Outback, 30 West Main Street, Cambridge, NY 518-677-2929.


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