Thursday, December 21, 2006

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Last Christmas time I was out chasing a beautiful sunset and noticed an awesome full moon in the sky as well. I was in the back of North Hoosick at the time trying to photograph the Cambridge hills from atop the Hoosick hills. Following the full moon down Burgess Road I was met with this peaceful evening vista of the moon at the treetops with the road stretching out before me lighting one of the myriad family farms that dot our beautiful New York State terrain. Visible on the right side of the road, atop the tall blue silo, was a delightful bit of personal whimsey of the farm owner: one tiny lighted tree. It just tickled me as though the owner was inviting me to share his place in the world, greeting me with his Christmas good will. I couldn’t help feeling instant liking for this family, wishing I had the nerve to go to their front door to wish them a Merry Christmas and thank them for the little tree.

There were absolutely no sounds. None. Except for the cold breezes occasionally whispering at my ears. And no other vehicles or pedestrians on the road. No one came from the house or outbuildings. I was alone in the pre-Christmas peace, the fresh, cold air nipping at my face and hands as I paused to shoot several photos. It was a moment of soothing magic for me, as though I, myself, were a participant in an old photograph from decades ago, just suspended in time. It seemed I stood quietly outside of my car for a very long time just drinking in the agelessness of the image until the cold drove me back inside. I drove down before the buildings themselves only to behold more loveliness. In contrast to the previous natural loveliness of God’s road, sky and moon I now saw a complete cooperative work between God and the owner of the farm down that road.

In the advancing darkness, as the long-set sun left it’s ripe glow upon the whole horizon, the farmer’s outbuildings stood outlined against the sky in that sunset glow. Holding their own were the fairy lights the farmer had strung along the frame of his buildings, further outlining their shape against the cold winter sky and soft white snow. High above, alone atop that great silo, twinkled the little tree with it’s multi-colored lights brazenly glowing against the night. Yet, as I watched, The Lord gave me another gift that glorious evening: one lone star existed in that section of the sky and it shone steadily exactly above that little tree! What a moment of beauty, and a precious sense of communion with God. I was quieted, humbled, and very blessed. Oh, how I wished for my friend, Cheryl, to be there sharing this moment with me. But I wasn’t alone. Sometimes God just sits down beside me and enjoys His magnificent compositions right along with me. Artists are like that. Sometimes what you do doubly pleases you when you can share it with an admirer. It would have been absolutely perfect if the farmer was there with us, also.

Merry Christmas to everyone who enjoys our blog and the healthiest, happiest New Year ever. -June Mohan

Photos: (Copyright Mohan 2005 and 2006) To contact the artist, please send email to: -June Mohan


Blogger Charlene said...

Oh my gosh! Those two photos are soooo gorgeous. You caught the evening sunset light perfectly and its a tribute to your persistence in following your artistic inclination. Those pictures convey a "peace on earth" that one wishes for, not just at Christmas time, but year round too. Many blessing to you and the Cambridge Buzz readers.

4:38 PM  
Blogger June W. Mohan said...

Merry Christmas to you Charlene!
Thank you for your good wishes.
How lovely that you feel what I also felt when I discovered that road and farm. I go there once in a while still and that "peace on earth" you mention is always there for me to experience each time. It is a sweet, blessed place. Interestingly, I find there are several special places around here where I experience that feeling of heavenly presence, blessedness. Places that seem to be filled with grace.
God bless you and grant you and yours a peaceful, healthy New Year.
And, thank you for your comments,once again, I so appreciate them.

June Mohan

11:18 PM  
Blogger Strawberry Polly said...

Hi, I am sitting here on my lunch break in Mississippi. I graduated from CCS in 1963 and how I miss the hometown at Christmas!! Your pictures and discription brought back such wonderful warm memories. Your words were perfect!!! Thanks so much for transporting me home for a brief time in the snow.

Pauline Nash ...Rienzi Mississippi

1:39 PM  
Blogger June W. Mohan said...

Welcome "home", Pauline.

I'm so glad you enjoyed my photos and the description of the spiritual, "natural" experience which accompanied them. You have moved me to know my efforts could so affect you and I truly appreciate your personal account. Hopefully you will return often to perhaps find more remembrances of home, (through my works or the works of others who contribute to ths blog) which will give you temporary comfort transport back to Cambridge. Figuratively, perhaps, we can go home again, hmm?
Let me wish you all the best you could hope for this coming new year and ask God's blessings upon you and your loved ones.
Thank you, again for your kind words.

June Mohan

11:19 PM  

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