Monday, January 22, 2007

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Double Rainbow with Friends
This is the double rainbow I photographed outside the Greenwich House of Pizza in the K-Mart mall in Greenwich, New York in August of 2006. My friends, Cheryl and Ruth, and I had spent our whole meal watching an awesome storm teem all round the mall at the pizzeria. We left to go home when it seemed the storm had passed. When I noticed the rainbows over and behind the mall I called Cheryl’s attention to them and we both began shooting.

The colors are just as we saw them that evening. I did use a polarizing filter to shoot and it did darken the shot a bit, but the depth and sharpness of the colors are as close to the originals as possible. Right after this shot Cheryl and I went rainbow chasing trying to find its other end. What we did find was a glorious after-the-storm sunset, which will be posted as next weeks, Photographer’s Log. -June Mohan
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