Thursday, February 15, 2007

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When Eyes Meet
It was a bitterly cold February 27, 2004 as I drove along in the bright afternoon sun when afar I could see that a lone deer loping through the woods was going to crest one of last year’s corn fields just around the time I would drive in front of him. I got myself into position and photographed him as he emerged at the top into the full clear sunlight, stopping dead while looking me in the eye as I sat in my car on the roadside. I clicked off a few more frames before he turned on his hind legs and sped off with his beautiful white tail flying high. I love the contrasts in this photo of the long afternoon shadows of trees in the foreground with the golden corn stalk stubs at the hill crest glowing in the sunlight on the bright white snow, all against the cloudless clear blue sky. It is all a perfect frame for one of God’s creatures poised at a moment in its lifetime. A moment come and gone; mostly unnoticed by the world, except for this one instance caught forever in time by my camera.-June Mohan
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