Monday, February 19, 2007

Treasures of Cambridge # 35 Treasures of Cambridge # 35

Kyle Spiezio pictured in front of the vault in the former Bean Head’s Coffee House, has lived in the Cambridge area for the past six years (which just happens to be all his life).

Kyle loves to "ride in the fire truck, hunt and do all different kinds of things." The son of Cambridge’s Fire Chief, he likes to call himself the "little chief," and says, that when his Dad is not around the fire station he, "sometimes, but not all the time, gets to tell people what to do." In talking with Kyle, I think he most certainly already knows the ins and outs around the fire house.

He likes tractors and is sporting a John Deere tractor as his prop, but he admits it is not his favorite one. "I got three old ones from Santa this year that I like better."


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